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"Fast Food" Game

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"Junkyard Wars" Game

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"A Busy Day at the Office " Game

Customized Trivia Finale

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Put on a Customized Game Show for Your Edmonton Party or Event

Del Smarmey

Whether you’re entertaining friends at home or planning a corporate function, take advantage of Clown Cartel’s game shows for high times at your event! Examine the possibilities:

Contestants compete in a variety of games for fabulous prizes. And we’ll highlight your group or guest of honor in a Jeopardy-style finale!

Comedy host Del Smarmey invites you to "Come on down" - you could win fabulous prizes! Randomly assembled teams compete in a number of challenges that are customized to earn prize tickets, like:

  • Survey Says
  • What Our Workplace of The Future Needs Is ...
  • Name That TV Tune
Del Smarmey

Two teams are drawn to compete in the customized Final Jeopardy round. Fingers on your buzzers!

Customized to Your Event

The Way We Were Game Show— For birthdays, anniversaries or to highlight a special guest of honour

The Way We Worked Game Show —For corporate events, to celebrate a company or a significant achievement within that company

The Merry Little Christmas Game Show —To celebrate the festive season for a company, community, or personal group

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