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Wild West Saloon - Saloon Girls with Jail Set

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Wild West Saloon - "Mitch Cassidy" Comforts a New Inmate

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Wonderland Court - Prosecution and Defence

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Wonderland Court - the Queen and the Herald

Pirate Quest - Game Coordinator

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Plan a ‘50s Sock Hop, Cowboys, Pirates and More for Your Edmonton Bash

  • ‘50s Sock HopWhether you choose strolling ‘50s characters or the full event with ‘50s-inspired game challenges and a "Current Events (‘50s) Pop Quiz," you'll all have a really swell time!
  • Pirate QuestWho says pirates arrrrre just for kids? We have challenges and games for every age.
  • Hillbilly Hoedown — Yeee hawww! Long before Honey Boo-Boo, there was Sadie Hawkins; a girl who wasn't afraid to defy traditions and "Git herself a man." Join Sadie and her "L'il Abner" pals as they celebrate the back-woods lifestyle of the Ozark Mountains. Get "red-neck-onized."
  • You Oughta Be In Pictures — Our expert director will pose you for some hilarious scenes, which you won't see until the photos come back.
  • Wonderland Court — All rise! Court is now in session. The Queen of Hearts is presiding, and Wonderland characters are attorneys for the defence and prosecution. Information about the people in your organization provides a framework for this customized interactive event in which your staff and VIPs are defendants and witnesses.
  • Wild West Saloon -- Bring the Old West to life with strolling characters like saloon girls, outlaws or an officer from the NWMP, or Western-themed activities.

Have you got a theme that's not listed here? Give us a call. We love a challenge, too!

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