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Dour Domestics (Service with a Sneer)

Team-Building Fun with Clown Cartel, Edmonton

Just because you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have fun anymore. At Clown Cartel, we believe that fun is something that we should always make time for, no matter what stage of life we’re at. That’s why we’ve devised a series of fun events and games for our grown-up audience.

Strolling Comedy Characters

Dour Domestics (Service with a Sneer)

A dour Victorian maid or butler will greet your guests, hang their coats, pass food trays, and generally deal with all the “domestic trivia” to allow you to mingle with your guests. The only difference is that our domestics do it with attitude.

I just wanted to drop a line to thank Mr Thornbury and Ms Salt for their excellent services at my 50th birthday milestone event last week. They were VERY well received and people are still chuckling – and/or wondering WHERE those folks came from!

AB Environment People Services

Comedy Fortune Tellers

Our comedy characters see laughter in your future as their insightful readings unfold.

Everyone enjoyed Madame Cassandra's fortunes :) Thanks for everything.


Other comedy characters

Do you have a character in mind that you don’t see here? Give us a call. We love a challenge!

Sometimes a thank you card is just not enough. Our residents loved you so much and so did the staff!!! You really helped ease the waiting line, too. Residents came up to me afterwards and said, “This was the best volunteer appreciation. This time I really felt special.” I know this is what you mentioned to me on the phone, how the goal was to make everyone feel special, and you did that ever so well!

Kiwanis Place - GEF Seniors Housing

Customized Comedy Characters

Just wanted to let you know that Anne was absolutely amazing! Her ability to bring laughter to a room set the tone for a wonderful birthday celebration. She is truly a gifted comedian and as a result I had two people come to me after wanting to find out how to book her.


Themed Events

Wonderland Court

All rise! Court is now in session. The Queen of Hearts is presiding, and Wonderland characters are attorneys for the defence and prosecution. Information about the people in your organization provides a framework for this customized interactive event in which your staff and VIPs are defendants and witnesses.

Great Fun

As always, it was a pleasure and great fun to work with you. Verbally, I got great feedback from our members thus far. You guys are great fun and very affordable. I love planning events with you.

Cassandra H.

50s Sock Hop

Whether you choose strolling ‘50s characters or the full event with ‘50s-inspired game challenges and a "Current Events (‘50s) Pop Quiz," you'll all have a really swell time!

Creativity is Evident

Thank you so much Clown Cartel for making our conference such a success. Laughter is so important to everyone and you helped us reach our inner humour. Your imagination and creativity is very evident. Thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving

The Art of Aging Committee
Alberta Health Services

Pirate Quest

Who says pirates arrrrre just for kids? We have challenges and games for every age.

You Were Awesome

Val, Iain & Friends: The place is still a buzzing, seems everyone had a great time yesterday. You were awesome! It is obvious to everyone you love what you do. Thanks again –


You Oughta Be In Pictures

Our expert director will pose you for some hilarious scenes, which you won't see until the photos come back.


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I am very pleased with the outcome and hopefully we will be able to do this again next year!

Tammy L.
City of Fort Saskatchewan

Thank You

We’re sure getting accolades from the folks who attended!

Sherr W.
South East Edmonton Seniors Association

Wild West Saloon

Bring the Old West to life with strolling characters like saloon girls, outlaws or an officer from the NWMP, or Western-themed activities.

Too Funny

OMG – way too funny. You guys were a hoot – I asked Carol to be sure to send me a copy of the complete CD or DVD when you send it to them – I would like to do a page of the “JAILHOUSE GANG!” in our magazine.
Enjoyed you guys so much – take care!

"Ronnie" J.
Worldwide Drilling Resource

Game Shows

Whether you’re entertaining friends at home or planning a corporate function, take advantage of Clown Cartel’s game shows for high times at your event! Examine the possibilities:

Contestants compete in a variety of games for fabulous prizes. And we’ll highlight your group or guest of honor in a Jeopardy-style finale!

Customized to Your Event

The Way We Were Game Show

For birthdays, anniversaries or to highlight a special guest of honour

The Way We Worked Game Show

For corporate events, to celebrate a company or a significant achievement within that company

The Merry Little Christmas Game Show

To celebrate the festive season for a company, community, or personal group

Game Show

Val, you and Iain were great! Thanks for leading us in a wonderful afternoon of fun and laughter.

Sustainable Resource Development - Alberta Government

Fun Money Casinos

“Take a gamble” on our interactive casinos. Our events are designed to be fun and fair. Although the guests play individually, they’re all part of a team so that no one need be eliminated simply because they may have had a couple of bad hands. The team supports each of their members, and everyone can continue to play right to the end.

"Pick a winner" from a variety of themes

Do you like jazz music and the glamour of a 1920’s speakeasy? It’s easy to dress up. We have 2 different options:

Capone's Back Room – Welcome to Chicago. Gangsters blatantly laugh in the face of Prohibition. Shooter’s Nightclub plays host to this gangster-themed casino and the big winners can buy in to the poker game hosted by Mr. Capone himself.

1923 Flapper Frolics – Prohibition is over here in Edmonton. We’re raising funds to send the world-famous Edmonton Grads basketball team to Paris for the 1924 Olympics. And you can learn a short Charleston number at ½ time.

Perhaps something a little more rustic is more to your liking.

Miss Kitty's Last Chance Saloon – Step back to the old west where it’s perfectly acceptable to take wooden nickels. There may be gunslingers and but don’t worry. Sgt. Rodney Truenorth of the Northwest Mounted Police is on-hand to ensure everything is above board.

And for your yuletide events:

Jack Frost’s Cool Yule Casino – Embrace all things “cool”. Jack, the Snow Queen and his Cool Yule Crew give this casino an Arctic twist with their own cold, hard cash – ice crystals. The team that has the most ice at the end of the night is acknowledged as “The Coolest”.

"Flapper Frolics" 1923 Casino

Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette and More

Game options include: Blackjack, Betting Wheel, Craps, Poker and Roulette. Our comedy character dealers are happy to help new players learn the rules of their games.

Laughter is a Sure Thing!

The final payoff for your group is laughter.

Fun Money Casino

Thank you, thank you. What can I say? You guys worked so hard at making our Christmas party a success. We had tons of fun. You threw in some surprises too, such as that lovely singer and the domestic dispute, the fun dance and the extra casino table – you were such a hit!

AltaGas Extraction and Transmission

Corporate Team Builders


Draw upon the varied skills of all team members, highlighting the importance of working together and the joy of cheering your fellow teammates to victory!

Customized Rallies and Scavenger Hunts

Working with your group and customizing around your chosen theme, we’ll write and coordinate running a fun rally. Our rallies challenge team members to navigate a course (on foot or in a car) and to solve observational clues. We’ll provide all game materials and performers.

Exploring Edmonton's Past

Answering questions and completing challenges in Fort Edmonton Park

Around the World (in ___ Minutes)

Throughout the city or a defined area

The Astounding Race

Compete in an exciting test of teamwork, navigation, ingenuity and sheer determination.

Astounding Race

We had nothing but great reviews of the Astounding Race and would like to thank you for providing that experience to our staff.

Aarin B.
Academy of Learning

Corporate Olympics

Compete in this fast-paced indoor event for coveted gold, silver and bronze medals.

Mission Implausible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to compete as a team in a number of spy challenges to obtain clues, decipher their meaning and attempt to retrieve the Faith Ruby.

Scrabble Hunt

Complete challenges to receive letter tiles to spell out the company buzzwords on your team's game board.

Scrabble Hunt

Iain and you did a fabulous job entertaining our folks….the evaluations all came back very positive in saying that they enjoyed the game and it was an opportunity for folks to socialize. Great Job!

Angie M.
Employment & Immigration
Government of Alberta

Murder Mysteries

Join in the fun as you and your group try to find out “who-dun-it?”

Have another idea that isn't listed here? Give us a call. We love a challenge!

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