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"A Fistful of Murders"

Solve a Murder Mystery at Your Special Event, Edmonton!

Interact with a cast of eight or nine performers, examine the clues, interrogate the suspects and solve a dastardly crime of murder. Clown Cartel has more than 20 mystery plots to choose from! Clown Cartel owners Val and Iain Little have written and produced public and private Murder Mysteries since 2002.

Setting the Scene

We’ll take you to another time and place, from Al Capone’s nightclub to a medieval court. From a modern investigation of a haunted venue to a deadly exploration of Edmonton’s past, our interactive Murder Mysteries bring stories to life. Choose from:

A Fistful of Murders

A Game of Murder

Attack of the Killer Tabloid Nominees

Curses, Foiled Again!

Don’t Touch That Dial

Fruits of Our Labour


Going Once… Going Twice… Gone!

It’s a Wonderful Death

Little Courthouse on the Prairie

Murder at the Midway

Fade to Black

Murder, Methinks

Phantom at the Cinema

Rx for Murder

Shaken, Not Stirred

Spirits of the Selkirk

The Case of the Perfect Crime

The Night Chicago Died

‘Til Death Do Us Part

‘Twas a Dark and Stormy Night

Under Wraps

Miracle on Jasper Avenue

Gold Fever!

Which Discord Cannot Sever

Descriptions, photos, and videos of the mysteries can be seen at our dedicated murder mystery website.

Murder Mystery FAQ

“Witness Statements”

We had nothing but positive comments from everyone there, including our executives, and everyone really enjoyed the experience.
It seemed as if you made a real connection with us and we appreciated the fact that it wasn't "in your face" for everyone all evening. We thought the balance was just right and the shyer people in our group were not uncomfortable at all, while the hams among us really enjoyed getting into it. You obviously enjoy your work, and why not? You do it so well.


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